Pockets of idle land in our home state of Perak are being eyed by investors as prime locations for future oil palm cultivation and this is where we feel we have the leg up, having strong local business and community ties and the local knowledge that comes with it. We look to palm oil as a key contributor to our future revenue.

We are encouraged by the prospects of future growth, and are keeping a keen eye on technological advances to help spur it, such as the use of new fruit-cutting machines, the continued advancement of road infrastructure and intensive research to find new palm oil related business activities like packaging, fertiliser, cosmetics, food substitutes and animal feeds.

Rubber is another agricultural resource that we see as highly lucrative. In fact, the rubber industry as a whole contributed nearly RM37 billion to the Malaysian economy in 2012 and demand has been growing every year with domestic demand alone now approaching 400,000 tonnes a year. We see this gap in supply and demand as a major opportunity and are angling our business interests in helping to plug it.

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