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Energy & Marine

Marine engineering fabrication servicing the oil & gas energy industry are one of key areas of growth as highlighted by the nation's Economic Transformation Program (ETP). With the setting up of the Oil, Gas and Energy National Key Economic Area (NKEA), Malaysia is vying to solidify its position as the Oil Field Services and Equipment (OFSE) hub of Asia. We see the drive to increase the investment in deep water oil & gas exploration as needing increasingly complex machinery and equipment which is why we see the potential for high growth in marine-related industries, as these provide the logistical support so needed for energy exploration on the high seas.

We see our home state of Perak having all the essentials needed as a base for these marine and oil & gas fabrication industries, and are developing a shipyard in Manjung to carry out Maintenance Repair and Overhaul operations for the vessels needed in these industries. We expect the steady and increasing flow of vessels coming in and out of the area to cause the ship repairing industry to flourish.

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