YBU Holdings Group New Year Meet-Up

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On the 26th January 2015, YBU Holdings Group held a special event to mark the new year called YBU Holdings Group New Year Meet-Up. Employees from subsidiaries of YBU Holdings Group namely YBU Engineers & Constructors Sdn. Bhd., YBU Healthcare & Nutrition Sdn. Bhd., YBU Ar-Rahnu Sdn. Bhd., YBU Plantations Sdn. Bhd. and YBU Red Team Sdn. Bhd. attended this meet-up.

It was a special ocassion as it is the first time such an event to be held at YBU Healthcare & Nutrition Sdn. Bhd.'s office situated in Jalan Kuala Kangsar, Ipoh. A speech was given by the Chief Executive Officer of YBU Holdings Group, Mr. Hamzarul Hazmir bin Hamdan. In his speech, he urged the employees to be motivated and to strive for the best in the worst probable outcome in this challenging economic climate. He added that the Group has always prioritize training for the employees, therefore a list of trainings and classes has been set by the Human Resource Department to be compulsory attended by all employees.

He also told that the renovation process for the building next to YBU Holdings Group office has been completed and a centralized office will be fully operational soon. In the occasion, he has also announced the organization strengthening strategies in YBU Healthcare & Nutrition Sdn. Bhd.

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